The Boys & Girls Club of Massillon, OH works with Securadyne Systems and AXIS


June 30, 2016 – Ohio-based facility chooses Securadyne Systems and AXIS to integrate network cameras and video door stations, resulting in better surveillance and increased protection of children and staff.

The Boys & Girls Club of Massillon, situated in northeast Ohio, serves youth ages six through 18 and offers programs and activities to nurture academic success, healthy lifestyles and good character building.

Securadyne Systems designed and installed the Axis system on their Community Service Day, held at all Securadyne office locations nationwide. Securadyne introduced the Boys & Girls Club to a full AXIS networked security solution, including various fixed dome cameras (indoor and outdoor), access and door control and video management software.

It’s previous analog-based, three camera system limited the Boys & Girls Club to reactive responses. Now, the club can take a proactive approach with live streaming video and remote monitoring.

“Video surveillance was a priority for us. Not only did we need to protect our assets, but we also needed to make sure that the surrounding area had some type of protection against any outside influences that may endanger our organization or the kids that attend,” said Vince Pedro, Executive Director of the Boys & Girls Club of Massillon. “The Boys and Girls Club staff has embraced the new technology because they now realize that they have backup in any situation with kids and other staff. We expected to have a surveillance system that worked; we did not expect the high efficiency and accessibility of this system on the immediate basis.”

“Axis is happy to be a partner in this project with the Boys & Girls Club of Massillon and Securadyne Systems,” said Fredrik Nilsson, VP, Americas, Axis Communications, Inc. “We look forward to continued collaboration and to working closely with the Boys & Girls Club to ensure detailed surveillance and increased efficiency.”

With access to more than 20 cameras, the Boys & Girls Club can address its unique security challenges. These include substantial interactions among children and staff across various rooms as well as monitoring foot and car traffic overnight. The building features spaces varying from an art room and library to a gymnasium and technical labs. The Boys & Girls Club staff has to remain vigilant as to what is happening in the facility at all times, while observing specific spaces remotely and in an unobtrusive manner.

Deliveries arrive at the building on a daily basis. Implementing an AXIS Network Video Door Station on its rear delivery door saves the Boys & Girls Club from countless distractions and time away from higher priorities. Staff can effectively monitor and review video using AXIS Camera Station, video management software that was pre-installed on their AXIS Camera Station Recorder.

Previously, when deliveries would arrive, the busy front office staff had to greet these individuals at the front and return to open the back door.

Now, a front desk attendant can view who is at the back door and grant them access remotely to enter and drop off their goods.

The system offers benefits beyond security. It also serves as a training tool for staff as well as a learning tool for many children. The Boys & Girls Club offers video evidence to staff to discuss and resolve incidents so that they can be addressed properly. When children are involved in altercations, the video serves as a reminder of good behavior.

“Giving back to our communities is one of Securadyne’s Core Values,” said Carey Boethel, President & CEO, Securadyne Systems. “The partnerships we cherish the most are those that enable us to live our values. Axis Communications is one of those partners. Our work with The Boys & Girls Club would not have been possible without their support.”

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