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Gsa Schedule


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SOLUTIONS AND MORE (SAMs) Section or Standard Industrial Group (84) Alarm and Signal Systems/Facility Management Systems, Professional Security/Facility Management Services

FSC 6350, 6685


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Period Covered by Contract: February 1, 2003 through January 30, 2018.


Securadyne System

Securadyne Systems Intermediate, LLC
14900 Landmark Blvd Suite 350 | Dallas, TX 75254

(t) 877.894.4949 (f) 972.331.5022

GSA-Management Services Center Acquisition Division This Authorized Pricelist is current through Modification PA-0130 Dated 09-27-2017

Business Size: Large -DUNs: 078722701


1a.  Table of awarded special item number(s) with appropriate cross-reference to page number(s)

246 20 1   -  Miscellaneous Alarm and Signal Systems
246 35 1   -  Access Control Systems (door entry control by card access)
246 42 1   -  Facility Management Systems (securityfunctions)
246 43      -  Perimeter Security/Detection Systems
246 1000  -  Ancillary Services
426 4S      -  Surveillance Systems

1b.  Identification of the lowest priced model number and lowest unit price for that model for each special item number awarded in the contract. This price is the Government price based on a unit of one, exclusive of any quantity/dollar volume, prompt payment, or any other concession affecting price. Those contracts that have unit prices based on the geographic location of the customer, should show the range of the lowest price, and cite the areas to which the prices apply.

246 35 1  -  MC-1000                     $0.55
246 42 1  -  ISO-PVC                      $0.19
246 43     -  DX06-0450-W3EB       $0.51
246 1000 -  S118-BR50                 $68.41
426 4S     -  CE-12VCBL                  $1.07

1c.  If the Contractor is proposing hourly rates, a description of all corresponding commercial job titles, experience, functional responsibility and education for those types of employees or subcontractors who will perform services shall be provided. If hourly rates are not applicable, indicate "Not applicable" for this item: Please refer to the GSA Awarded Pricing for information pertaining to Ancillary Services.

2.  Maximum order:

246 20 1  -  $100,000
246 35 1  -  $100,000
246 42 1  -  $150,000
246 1000 -  $150,000
426 4S     -  $200,000

3.  Minimum order: $100.00

4.  Geographic coverage: 50 States, Washington DC, and Puerto Rico.

5.  Point(s) of production: Pensacola, FL, United States.

6.  Discount from list prices or statement of net price: See Attached Pricing containing GSA Approved Pricing.

7.  Quantity discounts: N/A

8.  Prompt payment terms: None

9a.  Government purchase cards are accepted up to the micro-purchase threshold.

9b.  Government purchase cards are accepted above the micro-purchase threshold.

10.  Foreign items (list items by countryof origin): None.

11a.  Time of delivery: 30 Days ARO.

11b.  Expedited Delivery. The Contractor will insert the sentence "Items available for expedited delivery are noted in this price list." under this heading. The Contractor may use a symbol of its choosing to highlight items in its price lists that have expedited delivery: N/A

11c.  Overnight and 2-day delivery. The Contractor will indicate whether overnight and 2-day delivery are available. Also, the Contractor will indicate that the schedule customer may contact the Contractor for rates for overnight and 2-day delivery: N/ A

11d.  Urgent Requirements. The Contractor will note in its price list the "Urgent Requirements" clause of its contract and advise agencies that they can also contact the Contractor's representative to effect a faster delivery: N/A

12.  FOB point: Destination.Origin for Alaska, Hawaii, PR & OCONUS.

13.  Ordering address: Same as Contractor Address above.

14.  Payment address: Same as Contractor Address above.

15.  Warranty provision: Standard Commercial Warranty

16.  Export packing charges, if applicable: N/A

17.  Terms and conditions of Government purchase card acceptance (any thresholds above the micro-purchase level): N/A

18.  Terms and conditions of rental, maintenance, and repair (if applicable): N/A

19.  Terms and conditions of installation (if applicable): N/A

20.  Terms and conditions of repair parts indicating date of parts price lists and any discounts from list prices (if applicable): N/A

20a.  Terms and conditions for any other services (if applicable): N/A

21.  List of service and distribution points (if applicable): N/A

22.  List of participating dealers (if applicable): N/A

23.  Preventive maintenance (if applicable): N/A

24a.  Environmental attributes, e.g., recycled content, energy efficiency, and/or reduced pollutants: N/A

24b.  If applicable, indicate that Section 508 compliance information is available on Electronic and Information Technology (EIT) supplies and services and show where full details can be found:

25.  Data Universal Number System (DUNS) number: 07-872-2701

26.  Securadyne Systems Intermediate, LLC is registered in the System for AWARDMANAGEMENT (SAM) database.