Hosted & Managed Solutions

SaaS Security Management

Our web-hosted access control and video solution leverages the power and versatility of the Internet. It provides reliable, real-time administration of your facilities, no software installation, no server set-up, and no IT hassles. The entire system can be securely administered over the Internet from a Web browser anywhere, anytime!

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Stand-Alone Hosted Video

Securadyne is proud to deliver a quality, reliable hosted video solution which captures critical, event-based video clips and stores them in a secure cloud environment. Our solution also enables you to deploy extremely cost effective local network storage and utilize a web based interface which provides access to your stored video, event based clips and live camera views.

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Video Monitoring

Securadyne offers a specialized real-time monitoring solution tailored to the unique nature and requirements of every individual business or facility. We verify any alarm created from your devices that go through your panel including motion, intrusion or access control using real time video from your cameras. 


Network Monitoring

Monitor your network video surveillance system with our comprehensive network monitoring solution. Our system provides continuous tracking, robust reporting, and the assurance that your storage, servers and cameras are always up and running.