K-12 to Higher Education

Risks are changing rapidly and have manifested security vulnerabilities on educational campuses in ways previously unimaginable.

Budgetary pressure and the need for cost containment has educational institutions under pressure to do more with less. Each institution has different needs and varying degrees of budgetary parameters. We have the experience necessary to protect educational facilities and campuses while keeping to strict budget requirements.

We understand the challenges presented by the open environment of educational campuses. As our educational leaders seek to understand the multitude of threats impacting students on a daily basis, they require a partner who can fully understand the complexities that schools and campuses face today. Securadyne System’s extensive experience in providing the highest quality of service within the K-12 and higher education marketplaces ensures that we are able to create the right solution for each school’s individual need.

Securadyne is an expert at deploying fully-integrated, campus-wide security solutions for K-12 and Higher Education institutions.

Why School Security Preparedness Should Be a Priority in 2016

When asked to consider the need for security in schools, people often automatically think of the tragedies of Sandy Hook and perhaps Columbine – extreme tragedies that shocked the nation. Unfortunately, these incidents have represented the beginnings of a trend – isolated events we no longer have the luxury of ignoring. 

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