Electric Utilities

Electric Utilities

Energy companies face the difficult task of securing critical infrastructure, assets, and employees in remote facilities from theft and threats as dangerous as terrorism. Government regulations such as NERC CIP add on another layer of complexities.

Disruption of service has a major impact on both citizens and economies and the cost of replacing damaged or stolen assets can be into hundreds of thousands of dollars. Utility companies need a security partner they can trust to lead the way with both comprehensive strategies and cutting-edge equipment and solutions.

Securadyne has the experience and deep industry knowledge to be a go-to resource for electric utility companies on matters of security, risk mitigation, and operational efficiency.

Securadyne Helps Solve Complex Challenges Such As:

  • FERC and NERC regulatory compliance
  • Local, state, and federal regulatory compliance
  • Reducing shrinkage from theft of processes gaps
  • Reducing downtime, loss of service, and repair costs
  • Reducing workplace safety incidents
  • Reducing workplace accidents and mistakes, and the associated liability risks
  • Safeguarding against outsider attacks and terrorist threats
  • Optimizing operational practices and processes for increased production and reduced costs
  • Protecting remote and/or unmanned assets and facilities
  • Increasing situational awareness
  • Remote monitoring of sensors and production controls to insure information reliability

How Much Does a Security Risk Assessment Cost?

Security threats to a corporation cannot always be controlled. But you can control your vulnerability to those threats. While it’s not practical to try and address every single vulnerability, a Risk Assessment will identify the threats that are most critical. You can then prioritize addressing those threats as part of your security budget.

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