Federal and Municipal Governments

Government Security Expertise

Local, state, and federal government entities rely on our extensive experience working with unique contractual and risk-related details. Understanding how government initiatives are funded and procured allows us to assist our government clients with funding requests and justifications as needed.

We are an industry leader in securing government facilities: including state, local, and federal applications.

Over 20 years Experience Securing a Wide Variety of Government Applications:

  • State and local administrative office buildings
  • Judicial, detention, and correctional facilities
  • Water and waste water treatment facilities
  • Tollways
  • Various federal programs, projects, and contracts
  • And more...

Securadyne Systems is a General Services Administration (GSA) contract holder. We hold numerous State Purchasing Contract Licenses as well.


What Local and State Entities can Learn from HSPD-12 Standards for Identification

In the aftermath of 9-11, it became clear that the federal government needed to standardize the rules for identification and credentials across the board. Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12) was initiated to ensure all United States government agencies are on the same page when it comes to gatekeeping - issuing and verifying acceptable credentials.

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Protecting City Hall: The Common Risks to Local Government Facilities

From the smallest rural community to the largest urban city, and all suburban locations in between, the multitude of threats facing our public sector are as complex and diverse as the nation itself.

Whether it is the various individual tactical concerns impacting our civic institutions on a daily basis or larger strategic dangers that could halt a thriving metropolis, most municipalities cannot fully understand and process all of the threats that they face. Instead they are left to respond and react rather than properly planning for their true vulnerabilities.

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