Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Securadyne is an industry leader in providing security solutions to solve business challenges in the oil and gas industry. We partner with our clients to ensure employee safety and well-being, as well as mitigate risks to property and assets.

We help our clients in the oil and gas industry improve their business operations from exploration and extraction to transportation and distribution. Our deep oil and gas industry knowledge, compounded with our cutting-edge security solutions not only secure our clients' workforce and assets, but keep them compliant with government regulations as well.

Solving Complex Challenges Such As:

  • Reducing shrinkage from theft or processes gaps
  • Reducing workplace safety incidents
  • Reducing workplace accidents/mistakes and associated liability risks
  • Mitigating outsider attacks and terrorist events
  • Optimizing the operational practices and processes to increase production and cut costs
  • Protecting remote and/or unmanned assets
  • Situational awareness

Local, State and Federal Regulatory Requirements and Guidance:

  • EPA compliance
  • Department of Energy compliance
  • Office of Pipeline Safety (OPS) compliance
  • FERC compliance
  • US DOT PHMSA compliance
  • Maritime Transportation Security Act compliance
  • Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) compliance

Securing the Keystone Pipeline

Most understand that the continuous function of our national power grid is a must for the safety and prosperity of the nation. Our natural gas pipelines, though, are just as critical – a necessary, integral piece of the country’s infrastructure.

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